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Corrosion Inhibition/Sheeting

Whenever Corrosion Prevention Is Paramount, Turn To Us For Ideas

Photo of corrosion-inhibition packaging materialHartford City Foam has extensive Turn To Us For Ideas experience in developing specialized approaches to handling corrosion. One such example is the use of VCI technology, which provides corrosion-inhibition packaging without the use of cosmoline, grease or oil preservatives. Sheeted for convenient use, VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) paper emits a vapor that retards corrosion and tarnish, and will provide complete protection for years. We can show you the most efficient means of utilizing this, and other, corrosion prevention materials.

VCI chemicals vaporize to form a protective complex on metals that prevents the surface from
reacting with moisture from oxygen.

And, the chemicals will continue to vaporize. This means you don't need an air-tight package to get long-term protection. Simply store or ship metal in VCI packaging. Unwrap the metal and it is ready to use, clean and rust-free.

But rust protection is just part of our sheeting story. We custom-sheet materials for many uses,
utilizing polyethylene, polypropylene foam, paper and film. We can work in an impressive range of sheeting sizes, making our protective technology applicable to items large and small. Whatever your problem is, we have the sheeting solution.

Our emphasis is on customer service...that's what we really have for sale!

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